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REAL food, READY when you are

too busy to pick up lunch or too far away to stop by one of our locations? many of our customers are picking up a mood clean meal in the mornings when they stop by to collect their breakfast — a brilliantly healthy and time-saving solution. 


we have yummy nutritious salads and pasta salads that are great cold as well as warmed up (a little olive oil in a pan on low heat... mmm :)

you can find them at mood food & mood'wiches.


---A FULL MENU IS IN THE WORKS, but please send us your feedback. what would you like to see on the clean meals menu:


the READY line good-for-you meals represents our cooking philosophy in its purest form as prepared meals:

  1. our items are made fresh in-house, not in some facility, days before.

  2. we do not use artificial ingredients that “help preserve freshness”.

  3. all of our ingredients are whole foods*, sourced with integrity and chosen with your health as our priority. All produce is organic or from small farms that practice sustainable farming.

  4. *never from a bottle or package unless it is something that has a naturally long shelf life (such as honey or vinegar) and has no additives.

our mood clean meals represent our cooking philosophy in its purest form:  DOWN TO EARTH, DELICIOUS NUTRITIOUS FOOD FOR YOUR WELLBEING.

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